Welcome to color door

  This is a symbol of yellow world    If you need a love, a warm of your mother`s hands or attentive of your friend. If you are alone and nobody understands you, don't cry. but now you have not this, you can found this warm and love in yellow world. The yellow atmosphere will warm you.
  This is a symbol of orange world    Is your mood very bad? Is it terrible? May be you want to relax and to forget everything. You should come to the orange door.Usually adults dream to be the children again. But it is impossible. The man can not stop the time. Our home is exception. You can return to your childhood.There you will feel like a child. There is a lot of sun, ice-cream and toys. Please, smile and everything will be O.K.
   This is a symbol of red world    If you enter the red door you will have a bright life, a great sense of humor and success. You are not ordinary person? You like extraordinary things and you think that life can give you more delight than people think. This atmosphere will improve your activity and give you good luck.
   This is a symbol of violet world    If you like thinking about meaning of life and you are eager for philosophy, the violet door is for you. There you can find the truth.The truth about God and Devil, Life and Death, Fire and Water. We are sure that people will not forget you.
 This is a symbol of blue world    If you need quiet you can travel to the Blue world. You will understand that all your problems are not important. After this traveling you will manage to solve them.Your nerves will be quite. And your attitude with real world change.
  This is a symbol of green world    Green is color of harmony. All your feels be allright here. Your mind will be in harmony with your feels.If you want to do something but you are not sure and hesitate, having come here, you will become confident and independent.