1.Mikhail Neustroyev M
2. Maria Duvanskaya F
3. Ksenia Kochukova F
4. Irina Kudryavtseva F
Teacher Aleshina Ludmila

Welcome to our Virtual Home,
to our dream, to our lived fantasy!

   You can not see it, you can not hear it, you can not touch it, you can only feel it. It doesn't exist in the real world. Nobody knows about it, except us. But now you have a chance to have a trip to your own world, which lives only in your mind. Virtual Home.pic.Mikhail Neustroyev

   Our Virtual Home is differ from usual hand made buildings. There are not stores, furniture or rooms inside the home. It's made from our thoughts and dreams. You are given a chance to travel with your dreams.

   The computer helps people to enter our home. Our computer scans and determines a person's psychological condition. It can give people what they need but sometimes they don't know about it. The computer leads a person to that world which corresponds to his psychological state and it's atmosphere helps to restore his state. The main computer determines the mood of a person who uses it. Every mood has it's own colour.

   There are six colour "rooms"(worlds) in our virtual home. Why are they coloured? The matter is that color language is international. It is connected neither with nation nor culture. Colors have the same influence on animals and people. Isn't it magic? Of course, it is. So, welcome to our color rooms!

   Close your eyes and try to relax as much as you can. You are not in this world anymore. Your soul flies in emptiness. You see nothing, but you know there isn't anybody around you. Suddenly you feel a light, a bright light. You understand that the light shows your way and you begin your travelling in your special world.

   You open your eyes and you understand that you are in a big ball. You don't feel fear because you know that here you are at home. You are quiet. You feel that everything around you is created for you. You know that you can not go out, like a human and you know that nothing doesn't threaten you. You can change all in it. If you are in low mood, the ball will be black or gray. The home changes its color depends on your mood. Will close your eyes again and then, when you open your eyes you see a beautiful another world of your dreams.

   Around our home there is a ring, which protects our home. It's our energy. Only the man, who likes us, can come to our home. Our life isn't ideal sometimes and our home can help us to travel to another world. When you come in the virtual home you can be in the world, that you want to be. It's like a guide in your dream and fantasy.

   In your soul you can created such home too. We are sure that you have enough kindness to do it. But now you can travel with the help of our home.

Good bye. See you in our dreams.